Who we work with

We are proud to work with the following organisations.

Ada Lovelace Institute

The Ada Lovelace Institute is an independent research institute and deliberative body with a mission to ensure data and AI work for people and society. They believe that a world where data and AI work for people and society is a world in which the opportunities, benefits and privileges generated by data and AI are justly and equitably distributed and experienced.

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3. Litigation

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Bingham Centre for Rule of Law

The vision of the  Bingham Centre for Rule of Law is of a world in which every society is governed by the Rule of Law ‘in the interests of good government and peace at home and in the world at large’. They carry out high quality research, make strategic contributions to policy-making and build Rule of Law capacity in a variety of ways, e.g. by providing training, guidance and expert technical assistance.

Deighton Pierce Glynn

Deighton Pierce Glynn are a specialist civil rights and judicial review solicitors firm that aims  to use the law to empower their clients to hold the state and those with power to account for its actions and inactions, to fight for human rights, to challenge discrimination and environmental abuses.

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Digital Freedom Fund


The Digital Freedom Fund supports Europe’s digital rights litigators – NGOs, pro bono lawyers and sometimes regular litigators – enabling them to become more effective in their work. They do this through grants to support the legal, advocacy, research, and other costs involved in litigation, and through facilitating digital rights actors’ access to pro-bono legal support. 

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5 Essex Court

5 Essex Court is a high profile, civil law chambers in London, UK. The set is particularly well known for its police law work, and also specialises in public inquiries, inquests, employment, public and administrative law, and personal injury and clinical negligence.

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers is a number one ranked barristers' chambers committed to fighting injustice, defending human rights and upholding the rule of law. The Chambers is known for a progressive approach, and they help many clients use the law to advance social justice and equality. Their multidisciplinary expertise has proved vital for clients whose cases span several areas of law.

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The Privacy Collective


The Privacy Collective is dedicated to claiming compensation for the wrongful use of personal data. They do this through ‘class actions’, or ‘collective action’ lawsuits.  They are currently pursuing a legal action against Oracle and Salesforce, whose platforms use third-party cookies to track, monitor and collect online browsing data and auction it to advertising platforms to serve targeted online adverts.


The Public Law Project

The Public Law Project is an independent, national legal charity based in London which aims to improve access to Public law remedies for those whose access is restricted by poverty, discrimination or other similar barriers. They undertake research, policy initiatives, casework and training across the range of public law remedies.


Scottish Policy Authority

The Scottish Police Authority is a public body of the Scottish Government. The functions of the SPA include maintaining the Police Service of Scotland, promoting and supporting continuous improvement in the policing of Scotland, keeping the policing of Scotland under review, and holding the Chief Constable to account for the policing of Scotland.

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Police Scotland

​Police Scotland is the national police force of Scotland.