What we do

About Strategic Litigation


We use strategic litigation as part of our toolkit to ensure public impact algorithms do no harm.


Working with specialist lawyers, we challenge the misuse of algorithmic technologies through taking legal action, aiming to set legal precedent for other change-makers to push for justice in this field.


We believe in sharing our knowledge and working collaboratively, to widen the impact of our strategic litigation.


As far as we are able, we’ll share our case content for others to use, re-use and modify as much as they like.  

What is Remote Proctoring Software ? 

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions are increasingly turning to remote proctoring software as a way of monitoring online exams.


This software uses a variety of techniques to ‘watch’ students as they take exams with the aim of detecting, and preventing, cheating. 


This can result in significant harms around the collection of personal data, tracking cookies, unfair algorithms used to identify students and analyse their behaviour, and data security risks.

We are using the law to
_challenge_ _unfair_

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This work is supported by the Digital Freedom Fund.

We are Challenging the (Mis)Use of Remote Proctoring Software

We are pursuing litigation against a number of institutions using remote proctoring software to prevent its use until the data rights and equality issues are resolved.

Our wider goal is to set a precedent, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, showing that remote monitoring software should only be used when data protection and equality rights are protected.


You can read more about this project on the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog here and here.