History of The Justice Programme

The Justice Programme grew as a response to the increasingly pervasive presence of algorithms and AI throughout our world. We realised that the Open Knowledge Foundation team could mobilise our unique experience with open data and data literacy to create positive change.

We have been working in the spheres of transparency, accountability, ethics and civic empowerment while working on open data for years. And these are the same issues that are core to the civic and political debate around algorithms and AI.

Even more, our experience building communities, defining shared concepts, and raising data literacy translate directly to this new field. 

This is why, in March 2020, we made a new commitment – to apply our unique skills and network to the emerging issues of AI and algorithms.

Following consultation with partners and the Open Knowledge Foundation team, we decided to focus our efforts supporting the legal profession.

Despite a growing and diverse community of researchers and activists discussing and publishing on the topic, legal professionals across the world have access to very few resources to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand algorithms and artificial intelligence, let alone challenge their use.

The Justice Programme was launched in April 2020 with seed funding from Open Knowledge Foundation.